7 Ways Science says Jazz is Good on your Brain

7 Ways Science says Jazz is Good on Your Brain

The science you ask? Isn’t the going just a little too far? We enjoy our own style of music due to our personal taste buds. How can you say Jazz is the most stimulating genre due to science as opposed to say, Rap or Heavy Metal?

Edie sings jazz & Kas shreds at the Silver City Blues Fest, 2016
Edie sings jazz & Kas shreds at the Silver City Blues Fest, 2016

This morning while browsing through Facebook, I found this article  from “Live for Live Music” about the science behind why Jazz music is the most stimulating for our brains. Being a mental health therapist, I study neurological issues to unlock the workings of the brain. Consequently, this article peaked my interest. So I went searching.

How Does it Work?

William Klemm, PhD. is a senior professor of Neuroscience at Texas A.& M. writes:

A player has to engage the brain in multiple ways that classical musicians do not. First, there are added technical requirements, such as playing blue notes, swinging eighth notes, and unusual time signatures like 12/8 and 5/4 or complex African or Latin rhythms.  Then there is the huge challenge of improvisation, which is basically composing on the fly. When improvising, there is a safety net of knowing the proper chord structure and melody, but players have to have a huge musical vocabulary and realize in milliseconds what new notes will fit. They also have to listen hard so they can interact properly with what others in the band are playing. The “call and response” paradigm in jazz is actually musical conversation. I can’t think of anything more mentally demanding.

Some Benefits:

Jazz is known to be:

  1. stress reducing
  2. mentally stimulating
  3. improves memory
  4. positive effect on hormones
  5. boosts creativity
  6. reduces blood pressure
  7. increases immunity

The list can go on, as explained in this article on Mind, Body & Jazz: 
How Jazz Can Improve Your Health, “Listening to jazz music has potential benefits for your health as varied as the genre itself. The innovative riffs, cool tones and complex rhythms can bring natural relief for mind & body.”


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